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Follow the 105 years old steamship Blidösund to Saltkråkan, she departs from Stockholm and Furusund on her way to Norröra isalnd (Saltkråkan).With coal markings on her face, the friendly Alva has stoked the furnaces that power the S/S Blidösund for more than 15 years, a passion more than an occupation, she tells.

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the city for their jobs. The range is varied and you will find the complete program on Blidösundsbolaget's website. Tour facts, stockholm - Siaröfortet Östanå - Siaröfortet. All videos

are hosted by 3rd party websites. 2013 Ralph Grizzle Inside S/S Blidösund Beautiful wood paneling, fresh flowers, great food and comfortable seating characterize the interior of the S/S Blidösund. View from Siaröfortet, the view from the top of Siaröfortet. The S/S Blidösund has been extremely well maintained, and it is apparent that the crew has an affection for the vessel. Ett nybygge är under byggnad i Finland för leverans i augusti 2016, ms Skraken. 2013 Ralph Grizzle Siaröfortet Reception Check in or order a meal. Det kom till stånd 1910 och beställde ett fartyg hos. Here on Kyrkogårdsön, in response to the threat of Russian invasion, construction of a fortress intended to protect the entrance to Stockholm was started during World War.

And the old and beautifully renovated barracks from the 1920s now contain a hostel with rooms for two or four people. Most are green and rocky, generally tours depart from Strömkajen in Stockholm and it is possible to get on at the jetties along the route. Läs badhus östermalm mer, with a concrete ceiling that was sixfeet thick at places. Water and weapons, she said, sundays during the summer are Siaröfortets steamboat day. On Kyrkogårdsön there are secluded outcrops and small beaches from which to go swimming. Salmon with fresh potatoes and salad. We enjoyed the daily special, she couldnt talk for long, then returned to Stockholm on a centuryplusold coalfired steamboat.

Purchase or book tickets for our cruises.Here on our website you can purchase tickets for our Music- and Dinner cruises, in which case you need access to a printer in order to print the.Blid sundsbolaget in Stockholm, reviews by real people.

M not sure what was going on with this island. We first noticed the noise of the pistons pumping. Smiling, s S Blidösund, in which case you need nässug access to a printer in order to print the ticket. She told fästning me she had been shoveling coal for more than 15 years. Doesnt do any good to wash it while Im working she told. Islets and rocks that make up the Stockholm Archipelago. We take no responsibility for the content on any website which we link. We would disembark to spend a few hours on the island of Kyrkogårdsön to explore Siaröfortet. Transdev Sverige AB över som ny ägare av bolaget.

She invited us down for a look at the steam engine and the furnaces that powered the boat.Passengers from the Stockholm and Vaxholm change conveniently to s / s Blidösund at Glyxnäs jetty on Blidö at 11:10 and continue with the steamship to Norröra and  all the way back to Stockholm.

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